JOURNAl: Asian BBQ Menu

Motivated by an article in New York Magazine about a new Asian barbecue spot in the West Village, I’ve started planning an Asian BBQ menu of my own for a party in the not too distant future.

A couple familiar items from the Chinese New Year Dinner Party will necessarily be present. Here’s what I am thinking so far:

OMG Ribs
• Whole tea-smoked chicken or game hen stuffed with rice, herbs and dried fruit
• Vietnamese-style BBQ duck soup dumplings (maybe soup isn’t right for the occasion. I wonder if I can steam then grill the dumplings)
• BBQ pork steamed buns
• Asian variations on macaroni salad and potato salad
• Ceviche (I know it isn’t really Asian or BBQ, but I think it would be a great accompaniment. I can always dress the fish sashimi-style in yuzu juice, soy sauce, cilantro and scallion)
• Japanese-style pickled veggies
Haupia with mango pearls and grilled lime wedges
• The Hiro-Jito
• Thai basil or shiso lemonade (recipe below)

Thai Basil or Shiso Lemonade

1 lemon, thinly sliced
1 bunch Thai basil (about ¾ cup) or Shiso (Japanese mint) leaves
1 ½ cups sugar
7 cups water
2 cups lemon juice (about a dozen lemons worth)

1. Muddle lemon slices, leaves and sugar thoroughly in bottom of pitcher.
2. Add water and lemon juice.
3. Stir until sugar has fully dissolved and chill.

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