JOURNAL: Latin-Japanese Fusion

I’ve been out of the kitchen for a while, but I want to jot down a few ideas before I lose them.
OK, so there are only two items on the menu right now, but I’ll keep working on it. It would probably be easier if the dishes weren’t inspired by their quirky names.

Tako Taco
Tako is the Japanese word for octopus.
Taco is the Mexican word for taco.
Right now I’m picturing either a tangy octopus salad (Tako salad?) or breaded fried slices all wrapped up in a tortilla with avocado, shredded veg, spicy sauce and a squirt of lime juice.


Shiso is one of the primary aromatics in Japanese cuisine and a relative of mint.
Mojito is Cuban cocktail made with rum, soda, sugar, lime juice, and mint.
Hirohito was the 124th Emperor of Japan.
Enough said.

I’m also thinking of a high-class street food. Offal Falafel anyone?

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