JOURNAL: Iron Chef Vindication

Nearly a year after the last Iron Chef challenge, where I lost Battle Mango, I have redeemed myself in Battle Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough.

My Spanakopita Pockets won best overall dish (pre-cooked filling and an egg wash were key) and combined with my fruit tarts, I was crowned Iron Chef. The tarts were made by baking squares of dough in muffin tins and filling them with vanilla ice cream, raspberry peach compote and topping them off with Kumquat-cello whipped cream.

TSB made some tasty samosas and apple pie pockets and tonight I finished off her samosas by adding a couple eggs to the last two cups of spiced potato filling and frying it like a pancake. I topped it with a little spicy ketchup (1 part sriracha to 5 parts ketchup) and called it dinner.

TSB just started her own food blog. Check it out, but try not to like it better than mine. She's a lot cuter, both in person and in her writing, so I may regret sending you to her. Who am I kidding, she's the only one who reads this. Hi, Schatz!