PHOTOJOURNAL: Birthday Breakfast

I woke up, an hour after turning thirty (if my mother is correct in her recollection that I was born at 6:03 am… and if we ignore the time difference between where I live and where I was born) craving a rare roast beef sandwich.

Here’s what I ate:

That’s ciabatta with
(in descending order):

Sambal Oelek Mayo
Peppadew Peppers
Roma Tomatoes
Butter Lettuce
Rare Roast Beef
Red onion
Horseradish Mayo


Rogue Designs said...

This sandwich. Man, what I had to go through for this sandwich. I hope it was worth it darling! :o)

Amanda said...

Can she come make me food? I'm totally Team MJ and have never received any kind of food benefits.

Cynical Siren said...

This actually makes me want to eat meat.