DISCOVERY: Canned Chipotle in Adobo

This is my newest fascination, ever since I tried TSB’s stepmom’s twice baked sweet potatoes at Easter. She mashes the baked sweet potatoes with chipotle and adobo sour cream, folds in cheese and then bakes them again. So delectably rich and piquant! I managed to replicate it pretty well, so I'll post the recipe soon.

Last night I made a chipotle mayo for a grilled turkey sandwich with some of what was left in the can, but I wish I had found these links before I threw away the dregs. Chowhound Epicurious

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Rogue Designs said...

I'm glad I'm expanded your world, one canned good at a time. Also, great links, I always end up wasting the extra since I don't have a quick go to recipe. Thanks!