JOURNAL: Party Report And Menu With Recipe Links

The dinner party went off without a hitch, other than my being chained to the stove more than half the night. That was to be expected and my kitchen is open to the main party room, so I got to visit with all 18 guests as they munched and mingled. Several friends also stopped into the kitchen to lend a hand with stuffing wontons, stirring sauces, wrapping spring rolls and washing dishes.

What I served:

First Course: Dim Sum Starters
Shrimp and pork potstickers
Crab Mangoon
Vietnamese spring rolls
OMG ribs

Second Course: Noodle Bar
Noodles: glass, rice and egg
Sauces: Peanut Sauce, Coconut Curry, Asian Pesto
Veggies: snap peas, cucumbers, beets, carrots, broccolis, tofu, peppers, sprouts, mushrooms
Seasoning: Sriracha, soy, hoisin, chili paste, rice vinegar, mirin, sesame oil
Toppings: sesame seeds, scallion, lime wedges, cilantro, mint, basil, peanuts
Meat: rare, thinly sliced beef

Wonton Cannolis filled with Haupia and mango caviar
Ginger bacon cookies

Special thanks to TSB and her lovely roommate for secretly cleaning my apartment while I was working at the museum Saturday.


Rogue Designs said...

* mwah *

Anonymous said...

Very interesting food combinations...I enjoy changes is recipes...but bacon in desserts ???

I gotta see that one.

See you around at cooking.com forums...