RECIPE: Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls (draft)

15 Rice paper rounds
½ cup Hoisin Sauce
1 tablespoon chili garlic paste
3 tablespoons chopped peanuts
1 pound firm tofu, cut into ½ inch thick spears and flash fried
or 1 pound shrimp, cooked and shelled, or ½ pound of each
1 large carrot, shredded long (cut lengthwise into strips almost to the top, then use a peeler along cut side to make long shreds)
1 medium cucumber, seeded, long julienne
1 fist-full of romaine Lettuce (I haven't decided how much lettuce to use)
2 or 3 Scallions, cut into long ribbons
1 cup cooked rice stick noodles
½ cup cilantro leaves
½ cup mint leaves

1. Soak the rice paper in warm water until soft but not limp. Layer between damp paper towels and set aside.
2. Mix hoisin sauce, chili garlic paste and peanuts in a small bowl and set aside.
3. Right before serving, combine 1/15 of the remaining ingredients on each of the sheets of rice paper, roll like a burrito and cut in half at a diagonal. Serve cold with sauce for dipping.

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