JOURNAL: Lunar New Year Party Menu Refined

First Course: Dim Sum Starters
Shrimp and pork potstickers
Crab Mangoon
Vietnamese spring rolls
Steamed BBQ duck buns
BBQ ribs
Second Course: Noodle/Soup Bar
Noodles: glass, rice, egg
Broth: vegetable, chicken
Sauces: peanut, curry...
Veggies: snap peas, cucumber, beet, carrot, jicama, broccoli, pumpkin, tofu, cabbage, peppers, sprouts, carrot, spinach, mushrooms...
Seasoning: Sriracha, soy, hoisin, chili paste, rice vinegar, mirin, sesame oil...
Toppings: sesame seeds, scallion, lime wedges, cilantro, mint, peanuts...
Meat: chicken, beef...

Wonton Cannolis filled with fruit, nuts, something creamy
Steamed lotus nut buns

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Cynical Siren said...

Look at you fancy chef man! I want to eat your pork buns (actually I don't, but it sounds dirtier than veggie buns)