JOURNAL: Dairy Aisle Dating

There’s nothing better than listening to a conversation between a food-blogger and a relationship-blogger, constantly trying to fit what the other is saying into their own framework.

I was out to lunch with my friend Amanda today, discussing the pig roast we’re going to on Sunday, and as I recounted the menu, she perked up when I mentioned the “three-cheese” mac and cheese, and I had to interject.

"People get so excited when they hear 'five-cheese mac,' or 'seventeen-cheese mac,' but it isn’t an indication of quality. It just shows that the cook lacks commitment."

Amanda asked if that means an ideal mate makes mac and cheese with only one variety of cheese, and I said, “no, as in dating, you wouldn’t want someone who has only ever been involved with one cheese, but at the same time, you don’t want to end up with someone who’s already been up and down the dairy aisle."


Amanda said...

You are missing the entire point. When are you making me macaroni and cheese.

neil said...

Mac and cheese comes from a box, right?

Amanda said...

Oh and just to clarify I was perking up at the antelope and all you can eat pig NOT the macaroni and cheese.

Rogue Designs said...

Oh dear. I tend to go hog wild in the dairy aisle.
How does goat cheese figure into this equation?
Also, are we still just talking about cheese? Because this could get messy given my affinity for all things cheese and the good portion of my life that has been consumed by that love.
Does that make me a slut?