San Francisco Summer Menu

This won't be anything like what you are expecting. It's really cold here during the summer. Last night TSB was buried under paperwork, so I offered to make a hearty spread of comfort food to help sustain her working into the night. Without a plan upon reaching the grocery store and without really realizing it until I started to cook, I made all sorts of traditionally fall foods. Ultimately it makes sense, considering that it will be cold and damp here for the next few weeks, but it feels odd to make this stuff in the summer.

Rustic whole-grain bread
Steamed artichoke with garlic butter
Salad of arugula, grilled peaches and goat cheese with a balsamic vinagrette
Mashed sweet potatoes and squash with roasted parsnip and grilled apple
Penne in a cream sauce (loaded with shallots, sun-dried tomatoes, red belle peppers, mushrooms and chicken apple sausage)

In an attempt to motivate each other to blog, TSB and I decided to both blog our SF Summer menus. Read all about her's here.


Amanda said...

Ummm ::drool::

Why don't you ever cook like that for us.
Your wife and our girlfriend are not pleased.

Rogue Designs said...

Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

but it was blue cheese, not goat! :o)