JOURNAL: Flavor-Tripping

I was tragically too late to buy tickets to the Flavortripping SF party at Prana on Monday.

Essentially, you pop a Miracle Fruit (Sideroxylon dulcificum), and for the next hour or two it makes everything bitter or sour taste sweet in mind-bending ways. They serve a variety of food and drink that, under the influence of miracle fruit, take on the characteristics of sweet delights. According to Thrillist:

Upon arrival. you pop your berry and hit Sup' and 'Stache's largest buffet to date: puckering garnishes, wretched fruit, sauces, etc, painstakingly picked to showcase dulcifuma's transformative powers, from cheeses that evoke frostings to grapefruit that tastes of pixie stix (you don't even want to know what an actual pixie stick would do to you). Beverages also get the treatment, with unsweetened juices that'll taste like Five-Alive, plus a bevy of lambic beers and stouts that'll go down like milkshakes and tequila that'll taste so much like lemonade, you'll be tempted to sell it to neighborhood moms for a quarter.
I'm jealous that they sold out before I could buy tickets, but I have resolved to do a little research and design and host my own Miracle Fruit Dinner Party. Look out San Francisco.


Amanda said...

I am SO disappointed this is sold out. I read about this a couple of months ago and have been dying to go.

Rogue Designs said...

I have never even HEARD of this insanity.