I have been writing here for about a month, and it has been a fun, cathartic and productive creative outlet for me, but as of yet, I think I am the only one reading it (Funny, but I actually gave out the very first link to my blog as I was writing this paragraph). Really, this was created to give me an opportunity to reflect on what I have been doing and to keep all of my thoughts in a central, reliable and easily accessible location. I have been a lot more prolific than I expected and really I think that has led to some long and rambling entries, but I was not expecting this to turn into a food writing career, so I am not so worried. However, if you happen to be a cookbook publisher, wealthy patron of the culinary arts or have some connections, don’t hesitate to contact me. In the meantime, I will just keep blathering on and updating the recipes as they evolve.

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